Some Good Points Offered by 2018 Honda Accord

Some Good Points Offered by 2018 Honda Accord

Some Good Points Offered by 2018 Honda AccordSedans are great car to choose. In this case, there are many choices and alternatives of sedan and Honda Accord 2018 is one of the best. In this case, the new 2018 Accord brings some new things for the customers. For its exterior design, this car has sporty and sleek look. It does not look like a bulky sedan. Its design is compact with some sporty touches. This can be seen from the curves. Its headlight becomes important accents of this car. This becomes the character of this car. On the rear side of this car, this car has dual exhaust outlets, so it can look sporty. This exterior designs provide good impression at the first look.

For its exterior of this car, Honda Accord provides classy designs. The black color dominates the interior o of this car. Its seats look so luxurious and comfortable at the same times. The interior, especially the seats, are covered by high quality of material to make sure that all passengers and driver will find the best experiences while staying inside this car. Then, there is also heated and ventilated seats for the front seats to make sure that driver will always get best environment to drive, so there will be problems with the weather and temperature. In term of technology, this car has supported NFC or Near Field Communication. There are also features to make this car integrated to the Android or iOS based devices. This will make the car get connected easily to the entertainment, so it is easy to get music while driving.

In term of engine, this car tries to provide best driving experience and performance. In this case, the car has 2.0-liter engine with turbo-charged technology, so it is quite powerful to make the car easily accelerated and run in high speed. For its transmission, the car has 10-speed automatic transmission. There are also some useful features offered by this car:

  • There is Eco Assist Technology. This technology allows the engine to work in high performance but it still can be eco-friendly, especially in term of its fuel efficiency.
  • Then, there is safety feature called Collision Mitigation Braking System. As its name, this feature will make the car able to avoid and prevent potential collisions or crashes by managing its braking system. The braking system is able to work well and automatically when the car detects potential accidents or crashes.

Lane Keeping Assist System will help driver to stay in the mid lane of the road. Sensor of this car will notify or alert the driver when the car is approaching the lane and the alerts will be off when driver has got back to the right lane.